Enamel Bonding

Enamel Bonding

Enamel bonding is the non-surgical dental process where true to tooth color materials are added to your tooth enamel to improve the look and feel of your tooth. Enamel bonding is available in customizable shades that will automatically match the color of your tooth. The bonding material is applied and customized to match the shape and contours of your teeth, and then cured or hardened with industrial grade light beam that will secure it into place, and finally it is polished to match your natural teeth.

enamel bonding in Northridge CAEnameling bonding uses mouth safe materials that will work naturally with your mouth and oral health, while your tooth stays intact underneath. If you need to remove the bonding materials, you will notice that your teeth are unchanged and still healthy.

Depending on your current oral health, for example, fractured teeth, chipped, stained or discolored teeth, you can find that enamel bonding is the best bet for achieving a pearly white look. If you have large spaces or gaps between your teeth from past procedures, or the gold metal used in a previous cap is beginning to show through, enamel bonding can also restore the pearly white look.

Enamel bonding is also used to cover and replace the look of other problems, such as rotated teeth, crooked teeth, malformed teeth, stained teeth, and tetracycline damage. You can also speak with your dentist or dental technician to see if you can replace stained or silver fillings with enamel bonding, which can also help keep your teeth straight.

Your dentist will give you an informed estate for how long your bonding will last, depending on your diet and eating habits. You can expect enamel bonding to last up to 10 years. Enamel bonding is easily redone and if you are currently considering enamel bonding, you may also hear your dentist mention the advanced materials that are currently being developed that can help your enamel bonding last longer and be permanent.

Once your bonding is in place, you would avoid hard candies, certain alcohols and gel toothpastes, and highly colored food additives that can damage the new surface. Bonding is usually performed in only one visit, and you can also go back to repolish if stains begin to occur.

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Enamel Bonding

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